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Likee App Download Free Android – Download Likee App

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Likee App Download Free Android – Likee is a unique video sharing and creating social media service that is filled with lots of fun and entertainment. This particular platform is very similar to TikTok based on how it functions. Formerly it was known as “LIKE”. At the moment, this online social networking service is getting more and more popular amongst users globally.

Likee App Download Free Android

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Compared to TikTok which has over 800 million active users monthly, Likee has over 80 million active users monthly worldwide. Likee is well known for creating short and fun video clips. Videos created using Likee will always have the Likee ad.

Likee App

Likee App is available on Android and iOS (iPhone & iPad). Android users can download it on Play Store while iOS users can download it on App Store. Likee videos are short but very entertaining. You are given several special effects to make your videos fun-filled. These special effects include; 4D magic, dynamic stickers, and lots more.

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This app brings out the talent in you. If you enjoy being famous, Likee can help bring you to the spotlight. Lots of comedy video creators are already making use of this app. Your videos can easily go viral on this platform. Once people like your video, they can share it and still follow you so any time you make a new video, they get instantly updated. With Likee everyone is a celebrity. Don’t miss out on all the fun. Just make sure you download the app so you are always a click away from accessing the service.

Now, for Android users, let’s see how you can download this app.

How to Download Likee App for Android

  1. Open your Google Play Store.
  2. Search “Likee”.
  3. Click on the Install Button.
  4. Click Open.

You must have an account with Likee to enjoy all the fun it brings. So, if you don’t have one yet, make sure you sign up for it.


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