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Mangento Features – Mangento Overview – All You Need to Know About Mangento

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Mangento Features – Mangento Overview – All You Need to Know About Mangento – Mangento is an e-commerce open-source platform created using the Zend framework. Mangento was written in PHP and released on the 31st March, 2008. Mangento is an Adobe company and was first developed by Varien Inc. as a Content Management System and shopping cart software.

However, Mangento has aided the creation of over hundreds of thousands of stores online, Mangento boasts over a million downloads form their software platform, Mangento is an exceptional Open source platform with great potentials. already winning awards since the first year of its creation.

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Mangento Overview – Mangento Amazing Features

Mangento is an e-commerce platform that is fast growing and becoming ever-popular by the day. Mangento’s main feature or reason for existence is to be an open-source platform that helps other online businesses set up “shop”. some other features of Mangento are:

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  • Customer services:

Mangento provides enhanced functions and features for online business customer services and customer accounts.

  • Payment method:

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The Mangento platform supports multiple payment methods on different e-commerce platforms such as PayPal, credit cards, google check out, etc.

An interesting fact which people overlook normally about Mangento is that its logo was highly influenced by the dungeons and dragons role-playing games, even the bright color was inspired by D&D. AS of 2011, Mangento is 1% away from owing half of e-bays stakes with 49% belonging to Mangento.

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How to Install Mangento Free Guideline

Mangento is among the best e-commerce platforms used for buying and selling by developers all across the world. By following the bellow procedures, you would be able to install Mangento for your operating system and begin creating contents and online businesses:

  1. Search the download page for the version of Mangento you want to download.
  2. Download the zip format of Mangento
  3. Extract the downloaded zip format
  4. Go to your browser and find localhost/yourfoldersname
  5. Click Agree and Setup on the first pop up screen
  6. press next and set up the database
  7. Configure your web settings and customize the variables of your store
  8. Configure the admin account and install Mangento

You are set to use Mangento for creating your online store presence. join the Mangento community and get advice from other users.

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