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NDC Financing Fellowship Program 2020 by Frankfurt School and ARIN | APPLY NOW

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NDC Financing Fellowship Program: NDC financing fellowship program for the year 2020 is a program organized by the Nationally determined contributions (NDCs) that were key to adopting the 2015 Paris Agreement, which outlines national goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and identifies financial needs for mitigation and adaptation efforts.

About the NDC Financing Fellowship Program

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Most mitigation and adaptation contributions outlined in the NDCs of developing countries are based upon receiving international support. While support from the international community has addressed some capacity gaps, many conditional NDCs of low-income countries have finance, capacity-building, and technological needs.

Full Information of the NDC Financing Fellowship Program 2020

Recipient countries are hindered by the lack of accurate monitoring of climate finance flows, which prevents them from making more informed decisions about planning, prioritization, allocation of climate change resources, and measuring and evaluating progress. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc, the worldโ€™s energies are rightly focused on efforts to contain the virus and manage the economic fallout.

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Yet, in the background, the climate emergency remains as urgent as ever. Climate change vulnerabilities, especially in developing countries, continue to exacerbate the impacts of the COVDI-19. In the coming weeks and months, resources will be directed to support economic recovery programs as well as more resilient development planning and risk preparedness.

In this, Governments have the chance to tailor their recovery programs to invest in the reduction of emissions and climate-resilient development. There is an opportunity for developing countries especially in Africa to renew actions towards meeting their nationally determined contributions (NDCs) and for the world to achieve the long-term goals of the Paris Agreement.

Eligibility Requirements for NDC Financing Fellowship Program 2020

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The applicants of the NDC financing fellowship program for the year 2020 must fulfill the following requirements to be considered fit the fellowship program. These are the requirements for the NDC financing fellowship program for the year 2020.

  1. Applicants must have an MSc or MA degree, preferably in a subject related to climate change, environment, economics, development studies, finance, or business administration.
  2. They must have been working for around 3-5 years and have gained experience working in the public sector, working on climate change programs and related sectors such as energy, water, agriculture, infrastructure/settlement (incl. coastal zones) or insurances and who are involved in accessing, delivering, and monitoring/evaluating climate finance at the international, national and subnational level. Experience in climate financial management would be an asset. Showing strong motivation and commitment to take responsibility and to stay with the program.
  • The eligibility requirements for this fellowship program are very easy, this program just wants experienced applicants that they can rely on to help better how the world sees climate change which is a major problem but is being taken lightly.

How to Apply

The application for this program must be submitted online using the NDC-FFP application form, Only complete applications in English will be considered. These are the steps to apply for the NDC financing fellowship program for the year 2020.

  • Open the application website
  • The application must be Filled in the English language
  • Inside the application Curriculum vitae of no more than 5 pages listing experiences and publications where necessary, Certificates and letters of reference (of scholarships, employment, etc.)
  • Copy of valid passport, Letter of secondment, Motivation statement indicating your interest in the program, and commitment to take responsibility and to stay with the program.

Research Proposal submitted under one of the four topics, including a description of your research questions, conceptual framework, methodology, expected contribution, timeline, and budget.

Application Deadline

July 31st, 2020 (11:59 pm CET)

Applications will be assessed by an experienced team of international experts in climate finance. Candidates might be interviewed via Skype or phone by a member of the selection committee. The results of the NDC-FFP selection process will be communicated via email in August 2020.


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