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Pixlr.com: Photo editor online: Kindly follow this free guide written below to create and download your own Photo editor online free of charge. Pixlr.com is a cloud-based set of utilities and image tools. It also include a number of screen grabber browser, photo editors and a photo sharing service.

Brief History of Pixlr.com

Pixlr was created in Sweden by Ola Sevandersson in 2008. In July 2011, Autodesk made an announcement that they had gotten from the Pixlr suite. Sevandersson had also joined the company. They also got Autodesk Pixlr for a low disclosed agreement in April 2017.

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The Editing site and app can be used on PCs and also on Android devices. It has a web based features that is the same to the online image manipulation software.

Visit Pixlr.com Site

This editing app is also a web editing site. Without downloading the application, you also get to use it directly online. All you have to do is;

  1. First, you launch your preferable browser
  2. Then at the search bar provided on the browser
  3. You type in the url to the site, which is Pixlr.com
  4. Then you click enter
  5. The homepage then pops out to your screen
  6. There are some features involved in the site
  7. Take your time in accessing the site.

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These amazing features are;

  1. Web Apps
  2. Mobile
  3. Blog

Pixlr.com Web Apps

With Web Apps on the homepage, which is among the features. You can make your browsing experience. The tab extension that comes with positive quotes, personal to-do list and also weather information. To install the extension to your web browsers. All you have to do is;

  1. Open up the app site with this url Pixlr.com
  2. Then at the left side of the homepage
  3. You would see some features
  4. Click on the Web Apps
  5. Once you’ve clicked on it
  6. You would be taken to a new page
  7. There you would see Install Chrome Extensions
  8. Click on it
  9. You would be then taken to a new page
  10. On that page, at the right side
  11. You would see Add to Chrome
  12. Then Click on it
  13. Then you would be asked to click on Add Extension
  14. Click on it to add to your chrome browser or any web browser suitable for it. Through this extension, you can use Pixlr without downloading the app.

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Pixlr Mobile App Free Download

On Mobile, which is one of the features of this wonderful Online editing site. You get to see how Pixlr works on mobile devices. Through the mobile feature you also get to download the app on your mobile device. Follow these steps below to get the app

  1. Open up the homepage
  2. Then amongst the features displayed above on the homepage
  3. Click on Mobile
  4. You would be taken to a new page
  5. On that page you get to download the app
  6. Take Note: That you would be given two choices on where to download, either from App Store or Google Play
  7. Click on any of your choice to download

Pixlr.com Blog

With the blog feature on the homepage, you can drop your own designs and edited work. To enable you do this, all you have to do is;

  • Open up the homepage
  • Then amongst the features
  • You click on Blog
  • After that, you would be directed to a new page
  • There you get to see the pictures dropped by Pixlr editors

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