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Python Review – Python Learning – Features of Python – Are you willing to learn a programming language that will help you in creating applications (games, music player, video player, etc.), software, website and as much as you can think of? Python is that programming language. The programming language is a computer language that contains specific instructions that programmers execute in creating software, application and so much more.

Basically, You need to know that a computer uses a specific language to communicate. Human language is so compound that even Artificial Intelligence such as Bixby has its own limit in interpreting what you’re saying. As time goes by, computer has improved in relating human speech to commands but still, yet it has its limit. Human can speak to the computer through applications which are created by programmers via a programming language.

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However, Python is one amazing programming language just like its other sisters – Java, C++, Perl, etc. Since its appearance in 1990 up till date, it’s still effective even better than before. There are so many programming languages in the world more than those mentioned above. As computer advances rapidly, so as programming language also.

Moreover, One of the most remarkable things about python is that you can create an application on a particular platform and execute it on any other platform you want. Python is an amazing language that you will enjoy when learning because it is easy to understand thereby spending less time in writing applications compared to other programming languages.

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Features of Python | Python Review

Like other programming languages, Python also has its own exceptional features thereby making it so spectacular. Getting to know its importance or its performance would really go a long way in helping you utilize it well. Below are the features of python:

  1. It is easy to learn
  2. It runs on multiple platforms
  3. It supports Graphical User Interface
  4. It can integrate into other languages
  5. It is free
  6. It is an interpreted and readable language
  7. It uses dynamic typing
  8. Supports functional programming

Python Review | Easy to Learn

Python is so easy to learn and understand without much stress compared to other programming languages. It is user-friendly, and nice for beginners even if you are starting programming language for the first time. Based on its development, one can easily relate to it. Besides that, there is lots of fun when learning it.

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Supports Functional programming and Dynamic typing

Python supports functional programming and as well as dynamic typing. In terms of functional programming; reduce, map and filter functions, generator expressions are also enabled. Furthermore, it also supports dynamic typing, reference counting, and cycle-detecting garbage collector for memory optimization.

Integration into other Programming languages

The python programming language can be integrated into so many other languages. It can act as cross compilers to other programming languages. Pyjs, Pythran, Google’s Grumpy, MyHDL, compiles python to Javascript, C++, Go, VHDL respectively.

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Supports Multiple Platforms

You can run python on so many platforms such as Linux, Unix, Mac, Windows and so much more. So many OS executes python as their primary component. For instance, different Linux products use python written installers like Red Hat Linux, for example, uses Anaconda Installer.

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