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Rediff.com: Online Shopping, Rediffmail News, Sports

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Rediff.com: Online Shopping, Rediffmail News, Sports: If you are new on Rediffmail platform then you need to sign up for an e-mail account through its webpage website -www.rediffmail.com or via the rediffmail application. To sign up rediffmail e-mail account, click on the sign up button on the rediffmail homepage.

On the rediffmail sign up section fill in your personal and login information and get your Rediffmail account setup properly.

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Rediff.com: Online Shopping, Rediffmail News, Sports Sign Up Guide

To sign up you just need to enter the following information:

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  • Enter your first name & last name on the ‘name box
  • Select a Rediffmail ID and check the availability of the name username if it available
  • Enter a password to your rediffmail account and it should be 6-12 characters long.
  • Enter the password again to avoid errors
  • For easy recovery of your rediffmail account, enter another alternate email address.
  • Tap on the small box if you don’t have an alternate email address to use
  • Enter your mobile phone number. This will be used to recover your password if you forgot it via text message
  • Enter your Date of Birth such as Day, Month, Year
  • Choose your Gender from the drop menu {Male/Female}
  • Choose your country and city
  • Enter the text shown in the box to prove you aren’t a robot signing up
  • Click on ‘Create My Account’ to complete your Rediffmail sign up.

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Common Connection Between Rediff.com & Rediffmail

Rediff.com is a large online platform where you can shop and create an e-mail account. Rediff.com portal has other brands and services on it apart from e-mail services and online shopping platform. Apart from the two services mentioned earlier, Rediff.com is popular within India and beyond for giving up to date news, movies, business, men’s lifestyle, women’s lifestyle, mobiles phones and tablets, electronics, watches, health tips & fitness tips, books and etc.

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