Redis Review – How to Download and Install Redis Server on Windows – Features of Redis Server

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Redis Review – How to Download and Install Redis Server on Windows – Features of Redis Server – Redis is an in-memory key value database and data structure store which is being used as a database and message broker. Different types of abstract data structures are been supported by this powerful database called Redis like maps, sorted sets, hyperlogslogs, bitmaps and so much more. The name is kind of like an acronym which means REmote DIctionary Server.

Redis is being developed by the Redis Labs based on the author Salvatore Sanfilippo. What has contributed to its performance, is its collaboration with an in-memory dataset. Moreover, based on its development, Redis can be run on most POSIX systems like Linux, OS X etc. Through it may also work on Solaris derived systems.

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Redis Server Features

So many companies are been powered by the Redis Server due to its remarkable features. Like I said earlier, Redis Server supports data structures such as the ones mentioned above. Redis Server can be used as a session cache based on its consistency and persistence which means it can keep on running without interruption.

Based on the Redis pub’s feature, one can utilize it for social network connection and building a chat system. Due to this feature, one can create a high-class chatting application using this platform. Also, due to the set of rules guiding it, Redis client can relate to its server via REdis Serialization Protocol known as RESP.

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Amazingly, due to its storage engine and sets operations make it easy to use for a message queue. It enables storing key and value pairs as great as 512MB up to 1GB. More so, it provides data replication which helps in setting up the master-slave cache nodes. Based on this feature, the slave nodes will automatically be updated when the master node is updated.

Moreover, Redis Server aids transaction in such a way that commands saved in a particular order would be executed immediately than running it one at a time. In addition to its features, Redis possesses what we call Redis Hashing accumulates data in form of a key and map.

How to Download and Install Redis Server on Windows

You should note that the Redis server is not support windows officially but that does not mean it cannot be downloaded and installed on the Windows Operating System. The Microsoft Tech Group has been able to get a version of the Redis Server that will run on the windows. It is well-advised that you should run your development on a well trusted network being backed by a firewall. Here are the steps you should follow:

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  1. Open your browser and go to
  2. Go to the section titled ‘Redis on Windows’
  3. Click on the page link.
  4. Locate the latest version and click on ‘download’
  5. Open the file and follow the installation wizard instructions.

Now that you have the Redis Server download and installed, you can have it running on your developer machine. You can also view the list of Redis Client Libraries on the

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