The Best Robot Vacuums for 2019: Robot vacuums for every budget

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The Best Robot Vacuums for 2019: Robot vacuums for every budget – Robot vacuums are the hot item this season and though they could obviously make your life 100 times easier, there’s a hard part to the process, picking the right one.

To be frankly speaking, A lot of tech is meant to stoke desire for something that you never even knew you wanted. But if you’re shopping for a robot vacuum, it’s usually because you really, really need one. Whether you’re drowning in dog hair, need to lighten your chore load, or just want to spend a little more time with your family, we have a robot vacuum for you.

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With so many brands, features, and app capabilities out there, deciding which vacuum you’re going to drop a hefty load of cash on can be overwhelming. No worries. We hate cleaning just as much as you do and have laid out a simple, comprehensive list of all your best options, sorted by price.

  1. Roomba i7+ Robot Vacuum:

iRobot’s Roomba i7+ solves one of the most pressing robovac pain points: It can empty its own bin. This is in addition to smart maps that let you map up to 10 different floor plans. In iRobot’s simple app, you can designate different zones in each floor plan, then remotely send the i7+ to tidy up the foyer and bathroom while leaving the cluttered bedrooms untouched. It also has updated navigation tech and a proprietary rubber carpet agitator to grab grime. If you can justify spending a month’s rent on a home appliance, this is it. »» Price$1099

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2. Roborock E20:

The Roborock E20 is an affordable mop-and-vacuum bot combo, but you get oh, so much more than an auto-Swiffer. It has features that I’ve previously only found in high-end robot vacuums, like mapping capabilities and the ability to watch it clean in real-time in the app. It can automatically edge-clean and navigate around obstacles without banging doors shut or scaring your cats. It also has other delightful extras, like a thumb controller for the remote instead of tapping buttons. »» Price$330

3. Neato Robotics:

Botvac D7 Connected

Neato’s premium D7 Connected has seen considerable improvements since our review. Rather than taping magnetic boundaries all around your house, you can draw no-go lines on your phone’s touchscreen. It can also store multiple floor plans for multi-story houses, and it has zone cleaning so that you can send it to tidy up the kitchen after you’re done baking. It can also calculate exactly how long it needs to recharge in order to finish cleaning, instead of charging for the full hour. It’s amazingly powerful, fast, smart, and effective. Just keep it on gentle navigation if you don’t want it to break its own bump sensors. »» Price$829

4. Neato Robotics:

Botvac D4 Connected

If you love Neato’s powerful cleaning capabilities and easy-to-use app, but balk at the price, you are not alone. Neato’s D4 Connected is one of our faves. Like the D7, the D4 Connected creates a floor map and lets you install virtual no-go boundaries. With Gentle Navigation toggled on, it doesn’t bash into doors or climb into dog bowls, and as always, Neato’s clean, straight lines across our low-pile carpets and rugs never fail to impress. »» Price$430

5. Eufy:

Robovac 35C

Eufy’s slim, small robot vacuums are the easiest to use. The 35C is the latest, and at less than three inches tall, it’s small enough to store under the couch and scootch under the lowest cupboards. But it still packs a punch, with up to 1,500 Pa of suction power and optional BoostIQ when it hits a particularly grody spot. The app is simple and attractive and includes features like scheduling, a remote, and a locator. I highly recommend an app, but if you don’t think you need one, the 11+ and 11S are also affordable picks for light daily cleaning. »»Price$300

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