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Tips on posting items on Craigslist Houston in 2020 Must Abide Hacks

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Tips on posting items on Craigslist Houston in 2020: Craigslist has become such an essential part of the peer-to-peer marketplace; we regularly disrespect it. In this article, I’ll guide you on posting Houston craigslist items

Obviously, it’s full of scammers, pervs, inveterate dealers, and the like. But there’s still more reputable individuals in your region looking to buy your things. It’s also really simple and user-free!

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Posting items on Craigslist Houston

1. Find craigslist.org ‘s local CL page: Go to “post classifieds” in the homepage’s top-left corner. It’s pretty self-explanatory.

2. Creating a CL account. Don’t miss the step: If you’re selling stuff, especially bigger, expensive stuff, it’s quite common not to sell on first go.

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By opening an account, you won’t have to recreate a list every time you refresh your post. Your dashboard account will track all of your items, allowing you to edit and re-post when deleted.

3. Refresh or re-post all content: CL buries stuff, particularly in large communities. Make sure it’s next to the top by reposting when it’s expired.

4. Branch out to close CL communities listed on your homepage’s right corner bar.
There’s no replicating role in another place. But once that post’s ready, heavy lifting is over.

5. A note on scammers: So you just posted your $350 K Louis XVI armoire and there’s an immediate response, “Is it still available? “Score!” Sorry, it’s a scammer or person trying to hack your account.

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If there is an interested buyer, he / she will refer to the item, e.g. armoire, not “it” or “your item.”

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Don’t answer all these emails. Some suggested having an email address only for Craigslist; a brilliant idea this author never implemented.

6. Price on the top side: Craigslist people aren’t afraid to make low-ball offers. You want your stuff 10-40 percent above the price you won’t go below.

If a customer makes a low-ball bid, you have space to negotiate. You can say “final price” or “firm,” but it’s Craigslist.

Every now and then you’ll get someone who pays what you ask, but it’s very rare. Don’t be annoyed if people make offenses, unless you ask, you’ll never know.

7. Have your delivery plan.: Different eBay, Craigslist is a great place to post on-sale furniture, but if you have a 10-piece sectional couch and don’t own a box truck to supply it, you want a plan to get it to a customer.

In fact, it’s not necessary to state the plan in your post as it could scare off a potential buyer, but have a response.

Buyer is liable, look at Uhaul rates or a van cost man (often the best option). This can be a real stumbling point if you market a $300 sofa that costs $200.

8. Take time to make a nice message: Never forget pictures (this should be obvious). And don’t use 1.5-megapixel photos. Describe your used jackhammer’s pronounced.

A messy post with less specifics and lousy pictures is much less likely to get your item out at a reasonable price than a polished post with big, accurate pictures.


9. Sell your valuable items elsewhere: Craigslist, with all its greatness, is often filled with folks finding a bargain. You can sell your Barcelona chairs on CL, but don’t expect a fair price.

Craigslist is all about convenience and having full coverage in an area. eBay, which reaches international buyers, is a far better bet to get a reasonable price on your valuables.


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