Vital Information You Must Know About The New iPhone7

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Read the information written below to know more about New iPhone7, The New iPhone7 is the biggest news in Apple’s World of iPhones, their product launch on Wednesday which featured some international press.This New iPhone7 is the latest version of iPhone and it will be entering a brave new wireless world – without a standard headphone jack.

Phil Schiller who is the Apple executive in his presentation said and insisted that “The reason to move on: courage,” “The courage to move on and do something new that betters all of us.”

The New iPhone7 has a sleeker model which is water and dust resistant it will come with special headphones that fit into the device’s Lightning connection port, which in past models was solely the charging port.


But the technology giant believe users will gush to its new wireless earbuds, called Apple AirPods, which require charging and will cost an extra $159 when they become available in late October.

“We do have a vision for how audio should work on mobile devices: wireless,” said Schiller. “No one has taken this on and made it easy.”

Vital Information You Must Know About The New iPhone7

Apple fans who want to use their current headphones will have to plug them into an adapter that will come with each device.

“I don’t even own this New iPhone7 yet but I can guarantee you I have already lost one of my AirPod ear buds,” “Modern Family” actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson tweeted.

Less controversial announcements included much-improved cameras for both The New iPhone7 and the larger iPhone7 Plus.

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The Plus will have a dual-camera system on the back that takes sharper images and has better zoom capabilities thanks to a wide-angle and telephoto lens.

Both phones, which now also come in a reflective jet black color, have a slight longer battery lives and stereo speakers, the company said. The phone’s home button is changing, too, with a 3D Touch feature that performs different tasks depending on how hard users press on it.

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