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Voice Caller ID + SMS Lite APK

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Voice Caller ID + SMS Lite APK: Speaks out the caller’s name , callee’s name and SMS

  • how does this differ from other voice caller id application on the market?
    voice quality guaranteed to be good for all types of phones
  • it can speak out the name of the person you are calling not just the name is calling you
  • allows you to customize a voice message for each contact which will be spoken out when that contact calls. If you don’t specify a customized message then the name of the contact will be spoken out.

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**** you must add contacts to be announced in the list *****
***If you are using GO SMS, you need to uncheck the “Disable other message notification” setting in Receive Settings of GO SMS setting.
other features:
**** add your voice contacts first.****
* Only the contacts in the application’s voice contacts list will be spoken out
* pro verion allows you to add all your contacts with a single click
* if you wish, you may change the default voice announcement and add a customized voice message for one or more contacts using the “edit” button.
* add a default message to be spoken out before the contact’s name for incoming or outgoing calls.

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* enable or disable speaking of the contact’s name when you are making calls
* speaks out the name of the contact that has sent you an sms
* speaks out the contents of the sms (pro ver only)
* choose the volume for voice announcement. choose a level higher than your ringtone’s volume

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* choose whether to stop voice for incoming calls and sms by shaking
* choose to disable caller id or sms announcement while in call
* select menu for more instruntions
* if you want to stop a voice announcenent when you are already in call (a new call is waiting ) then shake your phone

* if you change anything in voice settings (language,pitch,speed) you have to add voice contacts and pre-caller id phrases again.

* this application conflicts with applications like call confirm
the Lite version has the following restrictions:
* only up to 5 voice contacts
* does not read the contents of an SMS just the sender’s name
* only one customized voice message

NOTE: please consider upgrading to pro version to lift these restrictions



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