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What is eGPU? eGPU Check How to speed up laptop?

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What is eGPU? eGPU Check How to speed up laptop : EGPU technology makes it possible for thin and light laptops to play games and do heavy graphics. Let’s learn about eGPU through this article.

eGPU Check How to speed up laptop

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1. What is eGPU?

External GPU, also known as eGPU, is a set of external video cards for laptops that use the video cards on desktop PCs to provide performance for thin and light laptops to increase the ability to render graphics or play. game.

2. Common eGPU connection ports

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Thunderbolt 2

Thunderbolt 2 is a dedicated connection port available on the Apple MacBook line from 2015 and earlier. This connection standard for bandwidth speed between eGPU and laptop up to 20 Gbps equivalent to speeds of 2500Mb / s. Because it is a unique connection, the eGPU using this connection is often very expensive.

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USB Type C – Thunderbolt 3

The thunderbolt 3 standard is twice as fast as thunderbolt 2 with 40Gbps equivalent to 5Gb / s speed, reducing latency and higher performance than eGPUs using thunderbolt 2.

3. Is the performance of eGPU really good?

The power that eGPU gives laptops depends on the video card mounted on the eGPU, the higher the performance and the higher the processing speed you want, the better the GPU, the better the better to serve your needs. In addition, you must use the correct connection standards to deliver the highest performance, the greater the bandwidth, the more performance available on the video card. Typically, you can only get 70% – 80% of the power of the video card found on the eGPU.

4. Cautions for using eGPU

To get the most out of the power, you should use the eGPU series with thunderbolt 3 connections, along with that after connecting the eGPU to your laptop you should install the driver for the video card. In addition, choosing a GPU mounted on the eGPU is also important because the stronger the video card results in higher performance.

The above article has clarified the information related to eGPU. Leave a comment if you have any questions or concerns!


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