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Yahoo mail password reset – Yahoo mail change password

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Yahoo mail password reset – Yahoo mail change password – Everyone forgets it’s just a matter of time and when you stop putting or using something. You eventually tend to forget about it. Likewise your Yahoo mail password you can also forget about it if you’ve not been using it for some time. And that is why on this post Yahoo mail change password, we would be looking at some the reason why you need to change your password, how to change the password. Also how to change the password for both the app and web version. and so much more on this post today do stay tuned.

Yahoo mail change password

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If you have forgotten your password and you want to change it. you are not alone neither are you the first person to think so. however, whatever the reason is for you to wanting to change your password, I think it is necessary for you to want to do so. Because not changing your password can cause security risk and privacy invasion. So yes I would encourage you to change your password if it’s just a feeling you get to change it then change it. Next, on this post, we’ll talk about the reasons why you should or people who want to change their password should.

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Reasons for Yahoo mail password reset

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Below you will find some of the reasons why you should want to change your password today. Should in case your reason is among them then you should know it is time for you to change your password.

  1. If your password has been compromised and you feel or it tells you that someone else has logged into your account. then it is time to change it.
  2. Maybe you’ve given too many people your password and you want to restrict their access to your Yahoo mail account, then change it.

In the case where you have forgotten your password. there are two cases that lead to forgetting a password. which is number one if you have not used your password for a long time. And secondly when you enable remember password and you just log in with the remember password function on. you can forget the password in the long run.
Also, it is required to regularly change your password from time to time to be safe than sorry.

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If you feel that your password is not strong enough. and you want to replace it with a stronger one you can change your password. For the sake of time, we will stop there. But you should know that these are not all the reasons for you to must change want to change your password. Next, we will talk about the criteria to change your password in Yahoo mail.

Yahoo mail change password Requirements

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There are certain criteria or requirements which must be met in order for you to successfully change your Yahoo mail password. especially when you have forgotten it and you are not logged in. Now it is required you must either have the phone number you used in creating it or an email address used as an alternative to receive your the reset code. if you do not have both of these. then it’s time to consider opening a new Yahoo mail account.

Yahoo mail change password

Under this heading, there are two possible scenarios where one would want to change a password. Or there are two possible situations in which you are in if you want to to change your password. Which are when you have forgotten your password and when you have not forgotten your password but you still want to change.


How to Change forgotten password

Now to change a password when you have forgotten it and do not have access to your account. Follow the procedure below.

  1. Go to the sign-in helper page by clicking on this link.
  2. Now fill in your recovery phone number or email address. And click on Continue.
  3. Now follow the on-screen instructions given. That will enable you to recover your account.
  4. Change password not forgotten
  5. If you still have access to your account but you still like to change your password carry out the following procedure.

Using any browser

  1. Open the account security page by clicking on the link.
  2. Now click on Change password
  3. Enter a new password and click on Continue.
  4. Using Yahoo mobile app
  5. Tap on the Menu icon which is the three horizontal lines
  6. Select Manage account.
  7. Then tap on Account information.
  8. And select Security settings.
  9. Type your Security code
  10. Tap on Change password and again.
  11. Tap on I rather change my password
  12. Then type the new password two times and click or tap Continue.


FULL SUMMARY OF Yahoo mail password reset – Yahoo mail change password

Once that is done you have successfully reset your password. Make sure this password last this time around until it is time again to change it for a new one. like I mentioned above that it is recommended that you change your password regularly at least every three months. To prevent your security or your privacy being at risk in the hands of hackers. Also using a strong password can go a long way in protecting your account. Finally, make sure to use the password of things you easily remember in order not to forget your password again.


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